About Corner Project

The Brothers

In Geyserville, brothers Tom and Chris Adamian are realizing their dream of opening a brewpub and restaurant — a dream they had held since graduating college. The two began home brewing in 2010. Chris started brewing partial batches on his stovetop burner before gradually upgrading his equipment and moving outdoors, where he could do the fermenting in stainless steel rather than glass or plastic carboys.

Behind Corner Project

In 2018, Tom was laid off from a brewery restaurant job. He made up his mind right then that he no longer wanted to work for other people.

“Over time, I had become friends with Rian Rinn, owner of the Sonoma County Meat Company. When I shared my long-held dream with him and lamented about working for other people, he suggested I come check out this wine tasting room in Geyserville. My wife, Kate, and I fell instantly in love with the space and had an immediate vision for it.”

He says that having to hold down jobs to pay the bills, having two little boys demanding attention and being green to the process of opening a business, especially one of this nature, made the process arduous.

No one among he, his wife or his brother had ever started a business, so they first had to figure that out. Friends with experience helped them along the way.

“Everything people say about how hard it is to open a brewpub and restaurant is true. It’s been one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, but we’ve been lucky in many ways and a lot of things have fallen into place for us, as well.”

Tom Adamian sources local meat and produce for his lunch menu that changes weekly. Recent offerings have included Grilled Veggie Flatbread, Smoked Pork Butt, Grilled Chicken Caesar, House Pita and Hummus, a Fermentation Plate and, for dessert, a Chocolate Beer Brownie with Whipped Cream.

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